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    Mobile version site seo This is more about how fast than how easy or pleasing it is to use? Great post by the way. My client has not yet obtained the m. You can follow the guidelines given below to design a great mobile-friendly website. Feel free to also select Bing Mobile or Yahoo Mobile. In contrast, a mobile-friendly version is readable and immediately usable. I leave it saved In Spain, the traffic for desktop devices is still higher than for mobile devices, but we are moving forward so that this circumstance will change soon. Ciao If you have subdomain for mobile users like- www. The major drawback is that webmasters will need to maintain and update extra webpages that are included specifically for mobile viewing. This indicates that Google now recognizes the mobile version without the use of any special scripts or server side configuration. Basically, Google is rewarding the new technology over the older way of doing things. How do I make sure the desktop always loads on desktop, and the mobile always loads on mobile, and never the other way around. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. I am also placing each respective snippets of code in the areas specified when I try each mobile redirect suggestion separately. Good afternoon CaseyB and all. This approach puts unnecessary load on your server and makes it slow. The htaccess solution is of interest to me. Google is in essence trying to give precedence those who have made the effort to accommodate the many different devices that can view the web in this day and age. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. This however requires learning about the Media Queries and quite a lot of design changes and testing. In that case you may want to have the mobile index page in the same folder so that the link paths could remain the same. Once the analysis is complete, look at the Page speed Desktop section of factors on the left to see which aspects of your load time can be improved. This strategy is also great for indexing and PageRank, as there are no other unique URLs for the mobile version of the site. This indicates that Google now recognizes the mobile version without the use of any special scripts or server side configuration. Thank you, John-Paul This is great, but how can give the user an option to return to the full mobile version site seo, overriding the mobile via a link on the mobile site. Please try these and see if it helps. Mobile version site seo Simplifies the sharing of the web addresses. Yes, I still pay attention to PageRank even though it makes a lot of SEOs LOL. That link continues to pull up the mobile site on the iphone. Thnaks Hello Jon, You can try that if you wish, but I would recommend against it. You may want to put individual rules for the specific pages. I think that in the end everything has its foundation in the content and a good general SEO strategy, and not just focus on one device.

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