• Portal 2 walkthrough chapter 7

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    Portal 2 walkthrough chapter 7 Part 7 Chapter 7. As you go up, you will see an angled white wall. This hidden object adventure guide contains all chapters, puzzle solutions, tips, tricks, and more. Just use a portal to get past the crushers. The second cube you need is in another pit. Place it on the button and continue to the next area. If you need some help figuring out the red and white gel, and finding your way back to the real testing zone, just look here. The button on the left drops a cube onto the angled platform, and the button on the right raises a barrier. Use a portal to drop down on it and get some height, then position yourself close to the white floor below. Put one portal on the marker, and another at the start. Spray white gel over the inside of these two pillars, so you can move your portal up further and get more on. Put a portal on the white floor, and another under the white gel to cover the ceiling. Lift on the opposite side of the entrance will descend. The rest of the section will take care of itself. Across from you is the second platform - fire your blue portal behind the cube, then walk through the orange portal to grab it. Setup a new fling at the ramps further up from the first runway, and fling from them. Shoot your portal onto it, then fall through the orange portal in the pit. Your spring should be ready. Fire your blue portal into a wall and walk through it to reach the first platform. Portal 2 walkthrough chapter 7 Just listen to Wheatley and explore the ruins. Next, press the button in front of the left room, enter it, and place the box on the button. Start by looking at the slanted platform with the flat wall below it. This is actually where we started a moment ago, with the entrance to the Gamma station below us. The Elevator Shaft Enter the main elevator shaft, and look up. Take some time to look at the art, then create a blue portal in a wall and exit the area through the existing orange portal. Caroline, what do these people buy?

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